Monday, August 29, 2011

Some elaboration

We have had a few rough weeks here.... thankfully everyone is basically okay and there have been good things.

I'll start with the bad and then list the good so we are left with the happy thoughts.

  • Jim had a week with high blood pressure. He got checked out and everything (heart, etc.) seems fine...he just needs to watch the salt and the stress levels.
  • The mini-van got rear ended. The insurance is totaling it. So Jim is currently in a rental car awaiting their offer so that we can figure out a new (to us) car).
  • Andy has had some rough days in school, mostly due to him not wanting to focus. I met with his teacher and hopefully things will improve.
  • Doug is currently running a fever (doesn't seem really sick, so hopefully this thing will be short lived).
  • Josie managed to get a huge splinter in her hand, but it is healing
  • We went to a birthday party and Josie fainted/passed out. We went to the ER and it appears that perhaps she was choking (she had just bit into a chicken nugget) and it might have caused her heart to race or to skip a beat or something. They did a full brain scan (she got to go in the "doughnut") and said everything looks okay. It was just a bit scary because she fell over completely backwards on to a tile floor.
The good things are
  • We have been working out how to redo our kitchen
  • We got to go to some fun activities on campus
  • The boys are now Cub Scouts and this last weekend we got to go fishing

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is it over yet?

Let's just say August has been rough....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frat boy

Doug has this nick-name...we call him "frat boy"

He likes to joke and play. He says that dad taught him to be silly.

He has a little social butterfly. He is so people oriented that he will find a friend anywhere we go. It does not matter if the child is older or younger...he will play or interact with him or her in some way.

He also seems to sense that he is cute. He likes interacting with college age girls. If we are entering a building on campus, he will run back and hold the door for college girls.

I figure that some day, down the line, he will have valuable social networking skills for some job.... but for now he has the nickname "frat boy."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ah, the joys of twins....

S we went to open house at the boys' school AND...

There was some confusion about which child was in which classroom. It sounded like something got switched in the computer.

I'll be interested to see where they are at the end of the first day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm impressed

School starts this week (do you hear mommy cheering!).
I think the boys are ready...for the most part. Doug is mostly saying that he is ready to go back.

So at dinner tonight I asked all three kids if they would name three goals they wanted to accomplish this year.
Andy impressed me the most with his goals. Here are his goals:
  1. To work on being more focused this year
  2. To get better with his handwriting
  3. To get better at Reading and Math

I like that he is reflecting on how last year went, that he knows what he needs to work on most, and that he is specific with at least two of his goals.
I can hardly believe that we will meet teachers at Open House and school starts this week.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Romantic at heart

Josie is for the most part a little tom-girl; however, she can be girly-girly too. She loves to wear dresses (and a hat) to church.

Recently, Jim and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Jim and I actually went out on a date. If Josie had had her way then daddy would be in "Sunday best" with a bow-tie, and mommy would be in a dress, with make-up, and "those heels I've been saving" (Josie's words...not mine). We did dress up, but opted for a little more moderate then heels and bow tie wear.

So a week later, when Jim came home with a cake from a new bakery in town, Josie decided on her own that the cake was for mommy and daddy's anniversary.