Thursday, January 26, 2012

App Happy

My old cell phone was occasionally having problems and was causing me some frustration. We had an available upgrade so that I could cheaply pick up a new phone. So I went and checked into it and ended up with a smart I have discovered the world of apps.

So far all of the apps I have have been free. I'm happy to have finally linked my Google Calendar, and to have my Remember the Milk to-do-list a bit more accessible. Perhaps I can make a dent in my email with gmail mail easily coming to my phone. Fortunately for me the two places I spend the most time (home and campus) have Wi-fi so that I am not really concerned about going over my data allotment.

The kids are excited about mommy's phone having cooler games than it had before.
The funniest thing that the kids seem to like is an app called "WS Violin." I had to explain it to remember when someone would whine and you would rub your thumb and pointer finger together and tell the person that it was the world's smallest violin playing just for them...well they have an app for that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The tooth fairy has frequent flier miles to our house

With both Doug and Andy being 6, we are right in the middle of lots of loose teeth. It is a good thing that the tooth fairy has a stash of coins waiting...because you never know when she will be called upon.

Last night I pulled out a tooth that had been loose and wiggly for awhile with Andy. It was one of those that you could lean it out at a right angle to the rest of the teeth. When I finally got a good enough hold on it to pull it out, there wasn't even any blood at the base of the tooth. The only reason it was still in was because the next door teeth were holding there.

Then tonight we were getting ready for bed. Doug and Andy were supposed to be getting ready to shower, and the next thing I know is that Andy is crying and saying his tooth was bleeding.
First, I did not panic...always assess the situation to find out what the real problem is. I had him wash out his mouth a bit so I could see what was actually bleeding. Yes, it was the tooth.

Suddenly I am trying to remember what you are supposed to do for a loose tooth. It was also one of his front top teeth and to the best of my knowledge (and based off size) it looks like an adult tooth. So first I determined that it was in fact wiggly.

So I called the first person I could think of.... Jim, the man with personal experience with bumps, bruises, brakes, etc.
He didn't know what to do.
So I went straight to the experts...the dentist office.

Of course is it now after 7pm and the dentist office is not open. Fortunately the have phone numbers listed for dental emergencies.
We ended up meeting one of the dentists at the office and even with me tearing Doug and Josie out of the shower and having to get all three children into shoes we managed the beat him there.
It turned out that the reason the tooth got knocked so easily was that it was actually a baby tooth and the root was dissolved.

So Andy is getting a second visit from the tooth fairy tonight.

Monday, January 2, 2012


That is the number of posts I have on this blog since it started. (This one being number 901...)
I was trying to think of what to report on...I have not dealt with pictures from the holidays. Jim is back at school. Everyone seems to have their annual sniffling noses  and coughs at the moment. We are trying to make the most of the last few days before students report back to school.
I am sort of freaking out about everything I need to get done on my dissertation. I have this tendency to see everything at once and have a hard time breaking it into pieces and assigning priorities. I'm trying to just jump in and get started. So I do not know how much I will attend to the blog...