Friday, February 29, 2008

Laughing baby

Several weeks ago Jim was sent a link to this video of a laughing baby. Doug happened to watch it with him.

I didn't realize that Doug remembered the video until today. It took me a minute to figure out why he kept trying to give Jo little pieces of ripped paper.

Here is the link for the video on Youtube.

However, with Jo it didn't work....she just wanted to eat the paper.

Growing Andy

I gave the kids a bath tonight. Last night when we had a bath it was a little boring because the few tub toys we had out have wondered to other places besides the bathroom...somehow one water whistle, one small squirty toy, and a cup just don't cut it with three children.

So I made a point of going to the workroom and finding the tub toys in the boxes. We have a lot of squirty toys but we also have lots of foam things that stick to the wall when wet. Some of them are from the movie Cars, but most of the foam things are letters and numbers.

We had a mini science experiment in that the boys figured out that the plastic squirt toys DO NOT stick to the wall.

During part of the time the kids were playing I put up Doug's name and then Andy's name on the wall using the foam letters. Once I had Andy's name up he said "I grow Andy, I grow Andy."

He then proceeded to keep adding letters and numbers to the end of his name. For the rest of the bath time Doug and Andy were on a mission to put up all of the letters and numbers.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

On my heart

We were getting the boys in bed and Jim was asking each one of them what they had to pray for. Andy had already said his usual (Grandma, Nana, Pop....Mommy, Doug, friends and family) so Jim was talking with Doug. I guess Andy thought of some more to add because he said something about having more to pray for.

I told him that he didn't have to have mommy or daddy to pray and that he could just say "Dear God" and then say what he wanted...that God would know what was on his heart.

Well, his answer was that "food" was on his heart....

Picking up the pieces

This morning Jo and Andy slept in a little, so for awhile it was just Doug and me. Doug asked for cereal for breakfast so I put a generous handful of Cheerios in a bowl. He said he wanted milk on it, and I told him that he would have to sit at the table. So he picked up his bowl and headed for the table. The poor guy tripped when he got to the kitchen floor and spilled all but two Cheerios.

Yes it was fortunate that they were dry and that they were on the smooth kitchen floor, but that is how the whole day I was picking up the pieces. Everything I had planned to do didn't get done, and everything that I did was important but something that I didn't know needed to be done and it had to be done right away (I need one of those signs that says "a crisis on your part does not constitute a crisis on my part")

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's never dull....

I remember (for some reason) a minister who told a story about the children coming up during the service for the Children's Minute. In the story the person talking to the children asked the question "What is grey, and has a big bushy tail?" One of the children answered "The answer in church is always Jesus, but it sure sounds like a squirrel to me."

Well, I wish I could say that it was Jesus that we found in the basement workroom....

Sunday Jim and I both commented that we thought we heard noises below Jo's room. Jim checked and both cats were in the main part of the house. I kind of dismissed it as a little weird and went on with life.
Last night I had Jo in my arms and Doug was with me and we went into the workroom to look for a box. All of a sudden I saw a flash of grey and a bushy tail go over a pile of boxes.
Yep, we had a squirrel in the workroom where we still have piles of boxes waiting to be unpacked.
Now, the last time I know for sure that the door to the workroom was open was about a week and a half ago...
I tried to break the news to Jim as gently as possible. Jim and I had a discussion about how to get the squirrel out. I even called the pest control people (they don't deal with wild life) and Fish and Game (they gave recommendations but don't do actual removal).
So I was for trying to scare him out in the evening and Jim was for leaving the door open during the next day.
We went down after the boys were in bed and tried to scare him out but he just went farther into the workroom and we couldn't get him out. So Jim decided that in the morning he would open the door and hopefully the squirrel would find his own way out.
This morning Jim came up and reported that "Rocky" didn't make it through the night...he was dead on the basement floor this morning.
I am guessing he died of dehydration and I am at least reasoning that now we at least know he is for sure gone. What they don't tell you when you by that existing house with an established yard is that it also means wildlife....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finishing up

I would like to report that I actually finished something.
You might not be aware how on-going some of these house projects are, but I did actually finish something. I wish I could say that we are unpacked and blah blah blah....but we are not even close to unpacked. Somehow daily living, taking care of sick children, and coursework has taken priority.
So I am happy to report that here is my list of things I have actually finished recently....
1) I finally got all of the cupboard handles on the doors and drawers in the bathroom (the kitchen is another story but I have made progress).
2) I FINALLY moved the furniture around in the den. I had been attempting to do it for quite some time. Every time I would get things picked up enough to move the furniture around either a child would need something, it was time to leave or go to bed, or something else would happen. So I finally did it (woohoo...we are no longer craning our necks side-ways to watch TV). I still have a bunch of stuff to unpack in there, but the bones of the room are in place.
3) I got Jo's clothes switched over to the next size. Weight-wise she could probably still wear the old clothes (she is somewhere in the middle of 25-50% weight) but her torso is long (length-wise she is in the 50-75%). So I got out her new clothes.
4) I also got the boys shirt drawer cleaned out a little. For some reason they have twice as many shirts as pairs of pants and we have everything from one lingering 24 month size shirt (Andy doesn't want to give up Bob the Builder), to 2T, 3T, and even a few 4T shirts. Doug has a big head (think Charlie Brown....) so putting a shirt with a small neck hole on him is not a happy process. So the criteria for cleaning out was whether the shirt was too small, and whether the neck hole was small. I have yet to address the sock issue step at a time.
5) We made cookies on Friday! I have had some baking items left on the counter for a few weeks now and I cleaned them up by actually making the cookies I had intended to make.
I am also happy because I have discovered GoogleApps. Not only can I now type a document and have it "be" on whatever computer I happen to be on as long as it is connected to the Internet, but if you use iGoogle as your homepage you can put a To DO list on there. I LOVE To Do lists. Perhaps it will help me stay organized....we'll see.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mind shift

I had a discussion with the department head last week. It answered some questions about stipends, things about teaching versus not teaching course work, etc. (there is no difference in pay in my department whether you teach a class or not and there are no funded positions for the summer).
I am in the process of wrapping my mind around the idea that I cannot really afford to be a Graduate Assistant next year.
I HATE looking for a job and I HATE the idea of having to put my kids in a full-time day care. I know that it will not be horrible for the kids and that I have really been very fortunate to have them be taken care of at home for so long. I have been very fortunate this year to have even more time with them then I would have had should we have stayed where we were at and not moved. I just have to get my mind wrapped around what my choices are. I will continue working on my PhD, but just won't be a graduate assistant. I don't really want to go back to a classroom full of elementary school kids...I will be the first to admit that discipline is not my strongest point and also the first to admit that I really want something with less responsibility while I am working on my doc classes.
I just have to get my mind wrapped around the possibilities....TOO much to think about.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

Yesterday evening Andy finished his dinner and then stood in the middle of the kitchen spinning and chanting "I happy so you happy, I very happy so Doug happy, I happy so Daddy happy...."

Doug ate half of the broccoli Jim fixed for dinner tonight. Every time he went to get a spoonful of broccoli out of the dish he would say "Catch a big one."

Granted Jim doesn't have any hips or butt to speak of to hold up his pants, but while he was kneeling beside Andy's bed saying good-night Jo managed to pants him.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A few fries short of a happy meal...

We have two cats. Perdido is a very "catty" cat. She has very stereotypical cat-like behavior and is reasonably intelligent.
Hogan is a whole other story.
The cat has singed half his whiskers by getting to close to a candle. He has fallen in a bathtub that was draining, he has fallen in the sink, he has even fallen in a toilet. He has run smack-dab into a wall when he was running around and missed the door. He also has yet to figure out that he might want to hide (or at least run away) when Jo heads toward him. Doug can be pretty gentle with him, but Jo has managed to get several good handfuls of hair a few times before I could get to her to detach her gently.
Well...tonight I was finishing up cleaning the kitchen after dinner and I could hear some meowing. So I checked the laundry room thinking he had followed me in cat. I was thinking that the meowing had sounded pretty close but couldn't think where else he could be. Then I opened the cupboard under the sink so get out the dishwasher detergent.

Out comes Hogan....
You just have to wonder a little about the cat.....

Friday, February 22, 2008


Jo can now wave bye-bye!
She is definitely saying mama, and dada, and when something tastes good she says num num num. This afternoon Jim pulled up and the boys were still napping. Jo had been crawling around. I said, "oh, daddy's home." Jo crawled right for the door and watched for him to come in.
I keep thinking she is going to take a step any day now because she stands for quite awhile and is able to bounce and stay up. She and Doug spent 20 minutes or more crawling around and playing with each other.
Last night, and tonight as I left for class Jim picked up Jo as I was headed out the door, and she very definitely waved bye-bye!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Why is it that professors always make everything due the same week? (Do they have secret meetings to decide when to load up the students?)
Why is it that when you are already running late your kids decide to pick on each other and you know you have to deal with it and can't just leave it for your spouse?
Why is it that the day it rains the hardest is the day that you have the most walking to do?
Why is it that when you know you have a ton to do, everyone wants to talk to you and hash and rehash things over and over?

It has been a busy week with assignments and I have class Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I will survive this and look back and laugh...right?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So everyone has heard of the water cycle, and if I remember from my science days there is a nitrogen cycle. Around our house there are two common cycles ....the dish cycle and the laundry cycle.
Lately the dish cycle has been functioning pretty well. It is somewhat helped along by the fact that the dishwasher in this house appears to have the most inconvenient of arrangements for the bottom rack. I actually quite like the top rack, but the bottom rack is horrid. You put three dishes in and it is full...well perhaps that is an exagerration but not by much. SO therefore we run it fairly frequently and it is quick to load and unload.
Now the laundry cycle is a whole other story.
Somehow, starting last week I have gotten off on the whole wash, sort, fold, and hopefully get at least relatively close to putting in the appropriate drawers cycle. It seems to have all started when Jim twisted his ankle and in the process tore a pair of pants and suddenly had to change before going to work. From there, realizing that the man is hard on pants anyway, it became a survival thing to try and make sure that he had a clean pair for the next day (probably partly due to the fact that he has two or three pairs of pants in need of repair and I have been swamped between Ben the baby-sitter being sick and my own coursework).
This was probably further agrevated by the fact that the laundry basket in our room got moved into the laundry room and somehow never managed to find it's way home to the corner of our room. So therefore there were the piles of laundry waiting to be washed that were sitting on our floor, the piles of laundry in our room that were where we had put our clothes after the laundry basket had gone AWOL, and then various small clothing deposits around the house where small children with and without help had stripped various clothing items (the most common one being socks).
So it culminated in me getting ready to change the boy's diapers this morning and in fact wondering if I even had any clean pants to put them in. I knew that I had a huge number of clean shirts, but clean pants where a big question mark.

I did in fact find two pairs of clean pants, and made a huge push to get back on track with the laundry cycle. if I could just find time to actually try and match up all of those wonderful kid's socks...somehow I didn't have any unmatched socks before I had children.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

4 outta 5

So 4 out of 5 isn't bad unless you are talking about the number of people now on antibiotics at your house (or my house in this case).
Jo got her bottle of Augmentin on Friday after having a high white blood cell count and moderate ear infections. They did give her a jump start by doing the Rocephrine shot so she is already obviously feeling much better.
Jim's throat was scratchy and he was running a slight temperature yesterday so he went to the doctor this morning. We knew strep had been going around town and Jim seems susceptible to it, so the doc did a throat swab and low and behold he has strep. Therefore he got his own bottle of Augmentin and the jump start with a couple of shots.
Andy and Doug had low grade fevers over the weekend. They have been acting pretty normal, but simultaneously managed to run around and get over heated and throw up together yesterday evening. So this morning we took them to the doctor also. Throats looked good, chests sounded clear, but three out of four ears have moderate infections (with the one that is clear being Doug's ear that still has the ear tube in it after a year and a's wobbly but holding its own). So they were prescribed amoxicillin.
The pediatrician seemed to think I would be ok (her words...Mom's are usually immune to these things). So I will just keep an eye on it. I felt like I was starting to get another cold last Thursday but I am already starting to feel better so hopefully the trend will continue.
Ironically, one of the grocery store chains is giving a free, up to 14 day supply if you are prescribed certain antibiotics. When I first had some antibiotics back in January I had forgotten about the grocery store deal and actually had to pay more than normal because I made the mistake of giving them the insurance card with the worse prescription plan. Then I remembered the grocery store so I took my prescription there but of course my antibiotic wasn't on it that time. I took Jo's to the grocery store and even though one of the antibiotics on the list is a major component in the Augmentin she is taking her's wasn't free (but thank goodness for generics). Jim's prescription wasn't on the list either. But finally! Both Doug and Andy's antibiotic prescription is on the grocery store free list. Woohoo!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Strange Weekend

It was a bit of a strange weekend all around.
I don't even remember Friday night particularly. I know Jo was beginning to feel somewhat better but it still felt like she was attached to me for the most part (falls asleep on me, I set her down, she wakes up, she's not happy to be set down, etc.).
Saturday Jim heroically resealed our wobbly toilet almost completely by himself (I helped line up a couple of screws and that was it).
Doug decided not to take a nap. By evening we sat down for dinner and he (the child who doesn't like to sleep) suddenly announces that he wants to go to bed. So I put him in a clean diaper, put pj's on him (Me: Do you want pajammas with feet or no feet. Doug: Pajammas. Me: You'll take whatever you can get. Doug: Whatever I can get.), said a prayer, and stuck him in bed. He woke up about 10:30 for a little bit of water and then slept the rest of the night.
Sunday we went to church as usual. Strangely enough in Sunday school we discussed how we met as a couple and for Jim and I this involved a bell choir. I hadn't mentioned to anyone before that I had been in a bell choir and the current church we are at doesn't have it's own bell choir. Then when Jim and I leave out of Sunday School it turns out the choir director had borrowed some hand bells for one of the choir songs and low and behold Jim and I are drafted into ringing bells. I had to go to campus for a couple of hours to finish an assignment (since I essentially hadn't been on campus for almost a week). Then in the evening both boys were running low grade fevers but acting pretty normal otherwise. We got them in bed early (Andy was a no napper and Doug only a brief nap). Doug woke up late in the evening all sweaty...apparently his fever broke. Then to cap off the evening, right as Jim and I were getting in bed Andy started crying. He had picked at his nose enough that it was bleeding so we dealt with that. The funny thing is that he told me he had a "bad night" because he thought there was a monster outside their window...he wasn't at all concerned about the blood coming out of his nose.
Then on Monday morning, I hadn't set the trash out because I thought today would be a holiday for the trash truck (I actually got all the trash collected and the cat box changed and then realized it was President's day). Suddenly I heard the trash truck and was able to run out and meet the guys with our trash cans.
It just felt like a wierd weekend. I keep hoping that everyone is on the mend.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trick trock

I think it is so cute that when Doug plays with his trains he will go "Wooo Woo, All aboard!" and when he hooks up cars onto the train he will say "Trick Trock" just like the stories and poems we have about Thomas the Tank Engine.

Monkey see...

Monkey see monkey do…
Andy has always enjoyed “cooking” and will often prepare meals. Sometimes they are almost completely imaginary (like who else has ice cream that dispenses out of the door handle…) and sometimes the involve play items. Sometimes the play food is actual play food and sometimes it is other items like magnetic letters or puzzles pieces.
Yesterday when I was getting lunch on the table Andy was putting his lunch on the table. We ate lunch. Then I cleaned up and put leftovers in Tupperware. When I turned around Andy had cleaned out the Tupperware drawer and was busily stowing his leftovers. I had a whole assortment of Tupperware with magnetic letters, puzzles pieces, and plastic food that was stacked and stored in the living room.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The End

Today I took the kids to the library. We have only been one time before and that was several months ago (we've had a few things going on since then). The boys were very excited about the books. We picked out several. Doug really wanted one about dinosaurs and we found a couple that were board books. Andy really wanted one about big machines but we couldn't find any in the board book section so we got to use the computer to look up one from the junior nonfiction section. The boys looked at the books as we drove in the car and every time Andy would finish a book I could hear him say "Amen."


I am loving watching the boy’s creativity and imaginations develop. I suppose it is partly because I am still a gifted teacher at heart. I will say that I don’t think having a baby-sitter with a Theater degree has hurt at all in the creativity department.
Yesterday I was in the kitchen and Doug ran over and stood on top of a piece of paper that was on the floor. He started saying “skateboard momm, skateboard” and then moving the paper around using his feet.

Rough Day

Jo had a pretty rough day yesterday. She was a miserable baby running a temperature. She didn’t want me to put her down, and yet would fall asleep while I was holding her…only to wake up the minute I went to put her down. She had a pretty steep temperature even with Tylenol and Motrin in her system.
On top of feeling lousy, when we went out to get some Motrin (baby-sitter was still out) I put her car seat down in the car port and managed to open the door into her head. Not hard enough to make a mark, but hard enough to upset her.
Then in the evening she was feeling somewhat better after I bathed her until Doug head-butted her in the mouth. Then as we were getting the boys in bed Andy started swinging some Mardi-Gras beads and managed to clip her head with the end of them. Poor baby.
Today we were supposed to have a “Well-Baby” check-up but of course we were still sick. Her temperature was down somewhat though still not normal and fortunately they routinely do blood work at nine months so we were able to see that her white blood count was up. So a shot and an antibiotic prescription later and hopefully we are on the road to recovery.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knocked out

We are recovering in many ways around here. Monday Jim twisted his ankle and Tuesday we finally took down our baby-sitter, Ben. After a year and a half (well…during the school year, year and a half) of baby-sitting for us he finally had to say he was sick enough he couldn’t keep up with the kids. So if my posts seem short it is because I haven’t had a minute to stop and actually write anything. Hopefully Ben will be back up and running at full capacity shortly. When he called me to see if we could cut the day short I came home and then sent him off with a bottle of Nyquil a bottle some other medicine and instructions to sleep. Jim’s ankle is definitely recovering and he is almost back to full capacity also.
Now we just need the weather to warm up so that everyone can get well and the kids can go outside to play.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yesterday I was standing there with Andy when one of the cats started scratching his ear using his hind leg.

Andy looked at me with a big grin on his face and said, "The cat wave at me, mommy!"

Monday, February 11, 2008

You can't give it away...

I one time read this story (can't remember if it was email or Reader's Digest) where a guy puts some furniture out on the curb with a sign that says "free" on it. No one takes the furniture. Then he put a sign that says "$10" on it and it disappears.

That is how I feel right now about the old washer and dryer that the people selling the house left for us.
We decided to keep our own washer and dryer since ours were slightly newer. They only problem with the older set was that the dryer was missing the clip to keep the door closed so you had to put something in front of the door to keep the door closed.
Now, there was one of those charity groups doing a pick-up of items in our area way back in the second week of January. It was a busy evening the day before so it was like 10:00 when Jim started pulling the old washer and dryer out to get them on the front porch for the people to pick-up the next day. The issue became complicated because the water wouldn't shut off completely (either at the washer or the main valve to the house...gotta love an old house and yes we got that fixed). So after all this work and cleaning up the washer, dryer, and two bags of clothing were out on the front porch to be picked up.

Low and behold I came home the next day only to find the clothes bags gone and the washer and dryer still on the porch. So I called the place that was doing the pick-up...oh, they were only picking up small items and they don't pick up appliances.
I spend the afternoon calling at least 6 other donation places. No one will pick up appliances. IF they do pick-ups, it is not for appliances but we could drop them off.

So Jim and I decide that the next weekend we will take the washer and dryer to the Salvation Army (which is not far) and we will be done with it. Then, the next day my baby-sitter informs us that one of the workmen who came to fix something at the house was interested in the washer and dryer. So Jim calls him, strikes a deal, and I am assuming that the washer and dryer will be gone shortly.
Fast forward a month later.
The washer and dryer are still on our porch.
The guy has been busy, not had a truck, etc. and has not picked up the washer and dryer but is still interested.
I have had no less than 6 other people inquire (some of them multiple times) about the washer and dryer with one of them being someone who was helping out across the street this last weekend and the latest person being one of the garbage men this morning.
I keep saying that I have a guy coming to get them...but I am about ready to start seeing who my highest bidder is.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Check me in now...

Perhaps I was slightly insane when I decided to do roll-out cookies with two year olds. It actually went better than I thought it would and I even ended up with a little bit of colored sugar left over. Doug and Andy were very excited about the cookies. They were thrilled that we were cutting out cars, trucks, dump trucks, train engines, T-Rexes, and stegosauruses. They had more colored sugar on the tray then the cookies, but they loved putting candies and sprinkles on.
Then it was a nice enough outside that I took them to a park and they had a marvelous time. I just love seeing what they can that is new each time. Both Doug and Andy sat on the big kids swings and let people push them. Jo had a fabulous time too. They had baby swings which she loved, she got to slide down the slide several times, and she loved being outside watching the boys play.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Mommy mommy day

Today was the first Friday I was home with the kids.
We actually had a pretty good day overall...but it felt like a bit of a rollercoaster.
It started out ok. The boys and I had planned to make cookies. So we looked at the recipe and realized that we only had tub margarine and needed to go to the store. Maybe is was because I chose a regular grocery store rather than a mega mart or because we only had three items on the list, but the boys were really well behaved. The store didn't have any carts with seating for more than one child, but the boys stayed right with me, and I didn't have to get on to them about wondering or getting into anything.
They were also really good about helping with making the cookie dough. I did have to call my mom because I realized that I couldn't find a tablespoon measure (don't know if it was somewhere else in the kitchen or just not unpacked) and I needed to confirm how many teaspoons were in a tablespoon (woohoo! I was right.). The boys were also really good about helping make some brownies. They followed directions and were actually helpful.
They did reasonably well with lunch (as did Jo). Then...nap time was where we fell apart.
Normal Doug is the one who has trouble falling asleep and I know that naps (even with my babysitter) have been a little shaky lately like the boys might be getting close to not needing them anymore.
Well, I thought Doug seemed tired...he wanted to be held and was putting his head down on my shoulder. Andy even climbed right in bed. However I could hear lots of talking and noise.
I don't even think it was 15 minutes later that I heard enough to go look back in their room and they had pulled all the books off their shelf (which is fortunately just one shelf at the moment since I still have not found the brackets for the other shelves) and all of the extra bed linens and their sleeping bags out from the bottom of their closet. I picked it all up and got them back in bed and we tried again.
Less than 15 minutes later I hear noise again (though they did start out quieter this time) and sure enough they had done the same thing a second time. So this time I took all of that stuff out with me and put them back in bed. I did promise them that if they would stay in bed for 15 minutes and if I found them awake when I peeked in that they could get out. I gave them the offer of one toy to hold or a book to read.
Well, I am almost wishing that I had left the books and sheets in the room. I heard noise (I don't even think it was ten minutes) and looked in and they had pulled all of their clothing out of their dresser drawers and also almost all of their shirts off of the hangers in the closet (breaking 4 plastic hangers in the process...fortunately we have a ton of these). I resist the urge to just throw everything back in the drawers and actually do make them help me get all of the clothes in the dresser and even in the right drawers (and actually even taking time to put long sleeve shirts on one side and short sleeve on the other). Then I let them out of their room with no TV and no cookies (we had made the dough but it had to refrigerate...and the brownies hadn't been cut into at that point).
It was killing them that they couldn't watch TV or have cookies. Finally I give Andy the option of laying on his bed for quiet time for 20 minutes and he actually tells me he wants to go sleep. So Andy did end up taking a nap. Doug on the other hand, stubborn guy that he is, decides to stay up. He actually did pretty well but almost fell asleep during dinner.
Then the day ends with giving the kids a bath. I bathed all three in the tub in the bathroom between their rooms. It starts out like the other times I have bathed them all together...Jo thrilled to be included with her brothers and Andy and Doug just wanting to dump water on each other and on Jo. Then when I go to turn the water off the hot water won't turn off all the way. We're not just talking a small drip...we're talking a steady small stream. Jim couldn't even get it off with pliers so he had to turn off the hot water at the hot water heater, and then we couldn't find a breaker that seemed to turn off the hot water heater. So tomorrow we have a plumber coming...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jo Update

Jo is progressing along nicely. She is very keen on doing whatever her brothers are doing and she already knows she will get a reaction out of them if she tries to join them (most of the time they are ok with this, but occasional I get called in to referee a "Jo trying to get me").
These pictures I've had for awhile but hadn't found an opportunity to post them until now.
Jo is now not just crawling, but pulling up, cruising along, and even standing for several (getting longer) seconds. She can crawl up the bottom two steps to the landing at the bottom of the stairs, but until two days ago she hadn't been able to make the next step (which is a little higher than all of the other steps). Now that she can make it, for her own safety, I am having to block the steps off completely (before I could get to her on the landing before she got to close to the edge).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

This morning some guys came to correct some things about the gas line to our new cook top. If you ask Andy about it he will tell you that "my friend Bob the builder" came to work at our house.

Then this evening, we were putting the boys to bed. We had put on pjs, brushed teeth, read stories, and then were tucking the boys in when Andy suddenly asked Jim where his hair had moved to.
Uh....Andy decided that the hair had moved from the top of daddy's head to daddy's chin.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I know that people develop their own way of saying things and sometimes their own phrases, but have you ever had someone mention that you say something odd? I'm not just talking about regional differences in language like whether you say soda or pop, or if you turn on a light versus cutting on the light.
After you are told that you say a certain thing it can make you uber aware whenever you think or say that phrase.
I know I have a few odd phrases that I say.
My mom used to comment that my twin sister and I would talk about "getting up in the 7's" or "getting up in the 8's." To us that meant that we got up sometime during the 7 o'clock hour (or 8 o'clock for the second example) but we didn't notice exactly when.
Jim laughed at me when I used to say that a parking lot was "all parked up." (…meaning of course that the parking lot was really full.)
Well, recently Jim has commented on the fact that I say "very occasionally." He says that the words are contradictory and that I don't need the very to modify occasionally.
He's right of course, but somehow I can't seem to stop using it and now I notice whenever that phrase enters my head. I suppose it isn't such a big deal but now I am uber conscious of it and I know that there is an emphasis on professor speaking correctly. I suppose I will eventually get over it and stop noticing it even if I still very occasionally use the phrase.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Doctor Office

I went to the doctor's office today for my cough. Just to give you an idea of how long I waited:
I skimmed all but the final chapter of one of my professor's dissertations,
I read three chapters in my Educational Research book,
I read most of one chapter in my Technology in Education book....

and then I got to see the doctor. Perhaps Monday is not the best day for a walk-in appointment.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's tooth brushing time in Alabama

OK, so imagine singing the title...yes, we can make up songs for just about everything.
Brush, brush, brush your teeth til they're nice and white! Scrub the tops, scrub the bottoms, do it every night. (sing this to the tune of Row, Row, Row your boat)

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Inspired by my friend Puffbird, here is a hiaku:

Carts dance on pavement,
Wind and rain as their partners,
Ignoring man's lines.

Let's Go!

Who needs toys when you have a cardboard box?
It was supposed to be a car and the wheels actually turned and everything...but we never actually got around to attaching all four wheels and after a couple of hours the box was pretty limp and bruised.

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's a good thing they're cute II....

I am a bit tired this morning....
Setting: A fairly dark bedroom at 1am...the bed contains a cat and two sleeping adults: a mom and a dad
Action: A baby cries from another room, mom goes to get the baby and in her slightly illogical sleep deprived state decides to bring the baby to bed with her.
The baby nurses a little and then proceeds to try to chase the cat, and then plays in between the mom and the dad.
Baby: Da...Da...Da...Da (leaning on the dad, bouncing, smiling, flirting with him, and of course pulling on his beard and any other hair she can get her hands on).

While it is really sweet and nice that Jo seems to suddenly be calling Jim "da" (since this was the first time she has said that....although if you asked "where's daddy?" she would look at him) having it occur at 1am was not my idea of fun. She was really AWAKE. I ended up taking her out to the recliner so that Jim could at least get some sleep since he needed to get to work early, and then I proceeded to fall asleep with her and spent the rest of the night in the recliner with her.