Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chapter 5

Chapter 5, which I just emailed an initial draft of to my adviser...was 18 pages. I don't know if I am done or just can't think anymore. Hopefully she will email me back soon. The deadline for getting it to my committee is rapidly approaching. I just can't forget that I have lots of little nit picky things make the table of contents have all the right page numbers, wrestling with the computer to get it to spit out a reasonable reference list, and making the visual of my concepts readable (I thought it was...but apparently having some words horizontal and some vertical so you can squeeze them all in was not readable for everyone).

The reward for tonight...I get to go to be before midnight!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Very brief update...

I sent my adviser chapter 4 last night...all 105 pages of it. Now I wait for her edits and comments on it while I work on chapter 5.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Help! My dissertation is eating me....

So I have not posted a lot lately because I am deep in writing my dissertation.
For those not familiar with dissertation format the tradition is 5 chapters. Newer formats may vary some, but traditionally it is 5 chapters. Chapters 1-3 usually are part of the proposal. They may change some after collection of data, but the bones of them happen prior to the proposal.

Right now I am deep in chapter 4. It is the results section. Since my research was descriptive, I have lots of describing to do.
I'm making progress, but I have a deadline. I've set a date for my defense so it has to be done 2 weeks prior to the defense so that my committee has time to read it.

My poor children miss me even though I am home. Mommy and the computer are spending lots of time together.