Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shifting focus

Now that the semester is done and I know where I am headed (I have a job!) I have to shift my focus. All of those little house things need to get to a finalized stage so that we can sell the house. I need to paint baseboard and trim, I need to paint the walls in the kids' rooms so that they look fresh, and I need clean/pack so that the house looks nice for showing. The after-graduate party got us started on being cleaned up, my mom worked on painting some trim, and my in-laws came and got my bathrooms wallpapered (yes...after two years I finally have a mirror back up and Jim hung towel racks and the toilet paper holder).

Oh, and I have to clear out my desk area on campus. And yes, the children will be out of school soon. 

God only gives us what we can handle...right?

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Ann in NJ said...

Yes, so true, but God has great confidence in how much you can handle. Just keep plugging along and you'll be fine.take the opportunity now to pack up as much as you possibly can. Not only helps with packing for the move but it make your house easier to keep clean for the selling process, and of course, an uncluttered house sells better. Good luck!