Thursday, May 20, 2010

Um, yeah...he's mine

Today, for some reason I can't remember I ended up sitting down with Andy and writing numbers. I did it 0 to 9 in the first row, 10 to 19 in the next row, 20 to 29 in the next row, and so on. I lined them up so he could see the patterns that numbers made.

Yeah, he got excited about it ("Mommy! Why are there so many 8's!").

He kept me writing until we got to 149 and ran out of room on that side of the paper. He would have had me fill up the other side but I had used scratch paper so there was already writing on the other side.

Yeah he is MY nerdy child....

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Ann in NJ said...

You can practically SEE the lightbulb turning on...

William is the same way. Enjoy it!