Monday, December 10, 2012

Hectic Semester

It has been an extremely hectic semester. I have survived (I think) all my teaching duties and my own family is looking forward to Winter Break.

I got to know the area because I drove all over the place supervising student teachers. I have learned a ton about how the preservice teacher program works at my university and about how teacher education works in my new state.

My own children have adjusted to living in a new area. We have found cub scout packs and Daisy scout troops. We have made friends and gotten involved at a church.

Now I need to have a productive break...both to work on more unpacking/settling at the house we are renting and so that I can be ready for next term. Hopefully all of my classes will make so that I am not supervising student teachers next semester. I enjoyed the student teachers themselves...but the driving ate up a lot of my time. I really did no scholarly writing during the semester so that is one of my goals during this time when the kids are still in school and I am done with Fall term.

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