Thursday, October 18, 2007

By way of introduction

Hi all,
I have been curious about blogging and though I am slightly internet impaired at the moment (we are living in an RV while looking for a house) I thought I might try this.
I think of myself primarily as a mom and a teacher. I taught gifted education for 7 years before my family convinced me I could go back to school and work on a PhD in Special Education with an emphasis in Gifted and Talented. I have three children all under the age of three. My sons are Doug and Andy who are 2 year old fraternal twins. Four days before their 2nd birthday I gave birth to their sister Jo.
As if I wanted to add more stress to my life we, my husband Jim and I, picked up our whole family and moved to the university where I have been taking classes. We did this so that I could be a graduate assistant. We have been living in a 31 ft RV Travel Trailer while we are in the process of getting a house. Our house in our previous city finally sold so now it is a matter of getting the house that we want here. So currently we have 3 (yes 3) storage units with our life packed up in them.
I guess this will be my way of recording my journey through the various threads of my life, motherhood, family, PhD, church, etc.

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