Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pictures of the Family

The top is a picture of my "Boys". This picture is a little old (from winter 2006-2007) because most of my newer pictures are either on my desktop computer (packed up ATM) or still on the camera waiting to be downloaded (because the cable is packed up also).
Then there is a picture of my twins from this last spring. As you can see there is no doubt that they are fraternal. I wouldn't have guessed that they were twins if I hadn't gave birth to them. They are like "his and her" babies, or I joke that I had a clone and a baby (since Andy looks just like his daddy's childhood pictures).
Lastly is a picture of Jo. She is more of a mixture of everyone. This was her newborn picture and she doesn't much look like this now. She looks like a very happy baby now. Her latest thing has been displaying her bubbly personality by blowing bubbles.
All of my children are very flirtatious.


puffbird said...

Hi Sue! :) Welcome to the blogging world! I follow quite a few, and I keep my own on LiveJournal ( (I finally broke down and signed up for Blogger so I could comment on yours. :) )

Even if those pics are out of date, all your kids are adorable!

puffbird said...

Aaand... I but the wrong link in the html, so it's not linking right. Oh, and this is Jennifer, BTW...

Lisa said...

Cute pictures. I don't think I had seen the one of the twins with the tuba. =)