Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Boo Boo on th' Car"

So even after a late night last night, Doug woke up early this morning. I think the first time I was up with him he was cold, but the second time I think he just couldn't get back to sleep. I carried him out to the couch and he sat curled up on top of me and was jabbering something about "boo boo on the car." So this is the first time since the accident that he seemed to be processing it. Fortunately he is my "couch baby" so I was able to turn on our favorite "Baby Loves Trains" video (with the sound only has music in the background anyway) and let him curl up on the sofa and watch it while I got dressed.
That will be one thing that I miss about the trailer once we finally do get in a house. It is pretty easy to keep an eye on the boys when you only have 31 feet to work in.


Ann in NJ said...

Any transition is hard, even the ones that we think will make life easier. Glad to hear everyone is home, safe and mostly sound, and hopefully you can continue moving forward.

Lisa said...

I hope all the paperwork gets processed quickly and things look good. Give Jim a "gentle" hug as I know ribs are particularly painful. May he heal quickly!

Lisa said...

Oh and Happy Halloween. =)