Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Private Network- Please Ask

So I was going to update as regularly as possible but somehow the gods have conspired against me this last weekend. We live in an RV and don't have regular internet access. We do get a little bit of wireless signal from the house across the street.
After about a month of living in the RV and driving to one of the numerous places in a college town that has wireless internet, we noticed that we were occassionally picking up some signal from the house across the street. One night the name of their signal changed to "Private Network...please ask." Well, we happened to know them because we meet them when we first parked the RV, so Jim walked across the street and talked to them. It turns out that they had figured out that my computer would occssionally connect (since people often leave their wireless router with the default name) and they were seeing 4 or 5 other computers that were mooching off their internet. So they gave us permission to connect if we needed to. So sometimes we have enough signal and sometimes we don't. My main internet source currently is when I am working my Graduate Assistant hours on campus.

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