Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Safely Back

We are safely back home. Jim was very tired after the trip because he felt every little bounce and jolt of the car on the road on the way home. The boys were ecstatic to be at home and Andy went to bed just fine. I am wondering if being in the trailer is getting him used to being able to hear our voices and to having some light as he is going to sleep. In the trailer there is only a curtain separating their room from the rest of the trailer. Doug had a little trouble going to sleep but the poor child got my sleeping habits. He just doesn't need as much sleep as Andy does and I could hear him talking and singing and playing a little for about 30 minutes after being put in bed. I took pity on him and gave him some water and tried to resettle him, but it wasn't until I started turning out even more of the lights in the trailer that he finally sounded like he settled down.
Now we just need to get caught up on everything we had going on and with all the new stuff that is related to the accident. I will say that if you ever decide to spend some time living in a trailer that you should be sure to take a lock box with all of your important papers in them...you never know what you might need...like the title to a car so that you can settle with the insurance.

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