Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Playing Grandma

Andy started pulling down the board books we have stored on the top bunk. I was in a rush trying to get all of us out the door. I kind of hollered at him "What are you doing?" in a moment of frustration. He calmly informed me that he was "playing grandma."

IT is amazing what will make an impression on young children. All summer Andy's favorite thing was to"help" (or as my older sister would, more work). Right at the beginning of the summer my mom came through to help take care of things when Jo was first home from the hospital. It was about the time that we really committed to moving and she ended up packing a great number of boxes for us. She let Andy help carry books to pack and so apparently he must have remember that experience from back in May.

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Ann in NJ said...

Love it! Leave it to little ones to show us how we really act. They are little sponges soaking up everything, and then giving it back when we least expect it...