Friday, May 1, 2009


As if I needed one more thing to consume my time online, I now have a Facebook account. I'm still sort of exploring and seeing how things work. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it. I see lots of people I know come up on my suggested friends. I looked through all the people who I graduated with and....well...and I just don't know. Most of the people I was super good friends with I have kept up with still.
There were many people I was curious about what they were doing now (especially since I haven't exactly made it back to any high school's a three day drive or an expensive plane ticket and so far the reunions have been after school started in my area of the country). Part of me is that insecure high school student who thinks "I remember you but I have no clue if you would even remember me." Even if they do remember me do I really want them to know what I'm doing on a daily...or even moment by moment basis?

I don't know.

I did have one person (a more recent acquaintance) whom I saw come up and then another person suggested him as a friend. I left that friendship suggestion hanging for days trying to decide. Then he invited my and I just accepted.
Perhaps I am putting more thought into this than Facebook requires.

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Ann in NJ said...

I am also newly on facebook and having the same issue. I feel a little guilty not having posted anything for a while, but then I haven't updated my blog, or my twitter...

Feeling a little TOO connected at times.