Thursday, May 14, 2009

Interior Decorating


You did not know it before...but I have my own in house interior decorators.

Andy has this strange thing for paper (I blame my sister's genes...). He sort of got a hold of the painter's tape one day and that with some post-it notes (courtesy of my mother-in-law) made for some interesting wall decorations. He and Doug were "artfully" placing paper for quite awhile. Jim and I went out and our baby-sitter helped one tape/paper "mobile" make it to the ceiling.
The decoration stayed for quite awhile until the demolition crew (Josie) came through. I did the "bad" mommy thing and got rid of the rest in the dark of night....

You might take care of a preschooler if:
1. You have ever had to smuggle pieces out in the trash
2. You have ever had the words "Oh my, yes...well, how did that get in the trash? I really don't know." come out of your mouth.
3. You have ever said "That's lovely....what is it?"

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Ann in NJ said...

Heh, try having an elementary schooler who would save EVERYTHING if I let him. Every coloring sheet that comes home from school, every scribble has a story and "I WANT that!" I am the master of the midnight garbage stuff, and the key is to put it in the KITCHEN garbage and dump something yucky on top. Or do it at night.