Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We have survived Christmas. We weren't quite done by 10am but that may be because we took a break for breakfast.
Last night we went to my sister's church that does an "instant nativity" where any child can be part of the play. Doug was not interested. He was mister Grinch, but that could be due to the fact that he had a late nap. He also seems to think that the point of candles are for blowing out because when it came to the candle-lighting part of the service he was repeatedly blowing our candle out.
Andy got excited and put on the sheep costume and wanted to go up to the front of the church. Then of course when it came time to do it he didn't want to go.
Jo...she got to be baby Jesus. Her cousin Rachel was Mary and Jo happily sat on her lap. Rachel did a very good job of kind of swaying with her and Jo was a happy baby Jesus. Jo got a little irritated when an angel kept brushing her wings across Jo's face. She only started to get a little fussy at the end but we convinced Andy in his sheep's costume to walk a pacifier up and then Jo was happy again. It was all very cute and you could even hear an audible "ahhhh" for how cute it was that Andy had taken the pacifier up (and Andy was very proud of himself up too).
Some of the funniest things about Christmas today have been:
a) every child (right up through the 12 year old) has chosen to play with Jo's infant toys
b) we are still in the stage when one toy would have sufficed...my kids wanted to play with everything right after they opened it
c) Andy managed to eat an entire handful of garlic when Jim was fixing dinner (pretty impressive!)

The best gift I think I got today was (beside being with family) that I got to take a nap.


Jill said...

It's true. Somehow the toys that they've way outgrown and are not interested in at all, become SO interesting when there's a baby playing with them.

Andrea said...

Ha - Andy eating a handful of garlic really reminds me of Jim eating all of the wasabi at once at MarinePolis Sushi Land! Which I actually found and went to for lunch the last time I was in Portland (in October).