Thursday, December 6, 2007

House Update...infinity and beyond...

So Jim meet with the handy man and right now the plan is to do the fix up stuff in the basement first. Then we would move in there and hopefully by early January be able to move into the entire house.
I am just anxious to:
1) have a washer and dryer to call my own
2) be able to get into the storage units so that I can have more than one shirt with long sleeves (I don't really want to buy anymore until I see what I have...remember when we first packed everything up I was still mostly in maternity clothes since it was right after Jo was born).
3) be able to get a computer and printer set up since right now I have to print things at the office
4) have a real Internet connection (not one from across the street that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't)
5) get Jo's crib set-up...not that sleeping on the floor is bad (though many nights she ends up in bed with us) but for most of 4 out of her 6 months of life she has slept on the floor

I am borrowing a vacuum from the church so that we can go over there this afternoon and vacuum some. My boys are bad about taking off their shoes when they are at home (this even happened at one of the houses when we were still in the looking phase). I also had Jim take over some child safety stuff so I can start that process. I guess the next thing to also think about is to get a fridge in there. I did tell Jim that by the beginning of next week I want to start emptying the storage unit so I will need to have the big truck after school. I need things like my sewing machine and I would love to have our stockings for Christmas even if the only other decoration that we have this year is the free stuffed moose we got for spending too much money at the outlet store.
We are getting closer but not in a house yet. I just really need an exit strategy at this point. I will say that in another "God knows best" moment I realized that God is watching out for my academic calendar. I don't know that I would have had time to deal with any moving in things during the middle of the semester but here we are at the end of the term when I will have more time to take care of everything.

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