Saturday, December 1, 2007

Home Owners!

We closed on the house late yesterday afternoon!
It has been a month and a half since we made the first offer.

Of course now we need to get everything all fixed up and moved in, and we actually left immediately afterwards to go to nana and pop's house so we haven't even gone over to try the keys. I am feeling good because the title agent doing the closing gave our mortgage broker a huge compliment so I am feeling good about having gone with that mortgage.

So yes we are happy homeowners!


Lisa C said...

Congratulations on the house, and I hope the repairs go smoothly so you can get all moved in!

Jennifer said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! this is great news... what a wonderful Christmas present for your family!!! :) I wish you all the BEST in your new home... and can't wait to see some pictures and hear all about it. xoxoxo Jenn