Friday, December 7, 2007

Keep on keeping on

Hopefully grandma doesn't object that we opened the videos she sent early. Andy has now taken over the TV/DVD (which Doug used to dominate with his Thomas/Train videos) with "I Love Big Machines." I asked him yesterday when we were driving in the car if he had a favorite big machine. He told me..."two mommy." So upon further questioning he told me that his favorite were a pay loader and a dump truck. So now I know....

I also got out Christmas letters. There is just one lone one waiting for Jim to acquire the updated address and I apologize in advance for the red eye if you are on my Christmas list. I didn't have any program to edit pictures on my laptop so it was easier to just leave it in. Now days I just include a letter, forget any card, and hope that I don't forget anyone. I did find my list of people which was good because the master list is on the hard drive under the bed in the RV and I don't have all the rest of the equipment anywhere close to the front of the storage unit to be able to set it up. I also hope that everything had a stamp and an address because I never did get the number of addresses and the number of stamps used to agree when I counted them both.

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Andrea said...

We got ours! We didn't even send a card this year. Maybe I still will, or maybe I won't manage it. I mean, sheesh, I think I still have about five thank you cards from our wedding to send!! I should send you a link to get to our wedding photos one of these days. So many things to do! We are in the process of trying to buy a house too.