Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wearing Children Out

Last night my sister and I stayed up a little while playing Lego Star Wars. I think this game is fun but I don't have a game system to play it on where you can play multi player. Jo stayed up with us and happily sat between us on the couch watching, pulling on our clothes and having a good old time. We glanced down and Jo was passed out, head on Ann's knee, snoring away.

We took the kids to a park to wear off some energy. It was bitterly cold but the kids had a good time. With little noses glowing they ran around and slid down the slide. It was nice to have their cousins there to play with. On the way home I took a little "snooze cruise" for the boys. I managed to get both of them out but of course as soon as we got home and tried to put Doug down...he woke up. Andy was out out out...he always plays hard.

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