Monday, December 10, 2007

Restaraunt eating

We went out for lunch yesterday after church. The boys did pretty well at the table although I guess it is a bit strange that Andy ate two dinner rolls by dipping them either in ketchup or the honey mustard that came with their chicken fingers.

Then Jim ordered a piece of fudge pie for us to share.
The waitress asked about bringing 2 spoons and Jim told her she should bring 4.
Well, I got maybe 2 bites and Jim only got one of this fudge pie and ice cream. Doug & Andy were like wild beasts finishing off dessert. I think I would have lost a limb trying to reach in there to get another bite. For a moment I thought Andy might pick up the plate and lick it once they ate everything off it. I guess my kids like chocolate.


Ann in NJ said...

I only know one child who didn't like chocolate at that age - and she likes chocolate now.

Andrea said...

Ha, they are their mother's sons! You have a huge sweet tooth, as I recall. Me too... :)