Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I always told the parents of my students that if I had the answer to motivating students that I would be a millionaire and would not be teaching. I used to do a lot of bribing myself to get my work done. That becomes harder as there is more work to be done and less time to take bribe related breaks.

Jo keeps trying to suck on my shoelaces and Doug keeps coming out when he is suppose to be in bed. Doug, the poor child, inherited my sleeping (or lack there of) pattern. First it was with needing to wash his hands (we already had), then various nonexistent boo boos (chin, cheek, etc.), and finally he came out singing our fractured clean-up song. You have to admit that is pretty great determination when someone keeps telling you no. Hopefully he will stay in bed now even though I can still hear him singing. Andy, on the other hand, was asleep almost immediately.

Anyway, even with kids mostly stowed for the night I have very little motivation at the moment to do anything school related, housework related, or otherwise....

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