Thursday, December 27, 2007

Excitement for Doug

Doug has had an exciting past 24 hours.
First we went to a hibachi restaurant last night. Doug has always been more sensitive to loud noises, but we have gotten better and it is a little harder to tell exactly which things will or will not set him off. Well, the cooking in front of us was enough to set him off. He eventually would let me hold him sort of near the table if I had my hands over his ears, but he was upset until the guy started cleaning up. Then he was just fine afterwards and happily ate his meal. Andy on the other hand was enthusiastically cheering the guy on and eating a little bit of everything as it appeared on his plate.

Then, today we went a model train exhibit. Doug LOVES trains, a lot. He was very happy about seeing all of the trains running on the track and kept telling me to "keep moving." We stopped about half way through to sit down, and to get everyone back together. Doug leaned up against a wall that happened to have a narrow door for access behind one of the layouts. Well...the door wasn't latched and Doug fell through. I had a very scary moment when I thought he had fallen way down into a dark room. Fortunately his cousin Rachel was skinny enough to fit through the door and get him out and it wasn't too far of a fall. He was fine almost immediately and wanted to "keep moving." It took me almost ten minutes to stop shaking and get over it.


Fern said...

Oh my goodness, that's terrifying. So glad he's okay. It's amazing he wasn't more scared by it!

Lisa C said...

Glad he's ok. I'm guessing he didn't know how scared Mom was or that it could have been worse. Hope you guys have a safe trip home tomorrow.