Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's never dull....

I remember (for some reason) a minister who told a story about the children coming up during the service for the Children's Minute. In the story the person talking to the children asked the question "What is grey, and has a big bushy tail?" One of the children answered "The answer in church is always Jesus, but it sure sounds like a squirrel to me."

Well, I wish I could say that it was Jesus that we found in the basement workroom....

Sunday Jim and I both commented that we thought we heard noises below Jo's room. Jim checked and both cats were in the main part of the house. I kind of dismissed it as a little weird and went on with life.
Last night I had Jo in my arms and Doug was with me and we went into the workroom to look for a box. All of a sudden I saw a flash of grey and a bushy tail go over a pile of boxes.
Yep, we had a squirrel in the workroom where we still have piles of boxes waiting to be unpacked.
Now, the last time I know for sure that the door to the workroom was open was about a week and a half ago...
I tried to break the news to Jim as gently as possible. Jim and I had a discussion about how to get the squirrel out. I even called the pest control people (they don't deal with wild life) and Fish and Game (they gave recommendations but don't do actual removal).
So I was for trying to scare him out in the evening and Jim was for leaving the door open during the next day.
We went down after the boys were in bed and tried to scare him out but he just went farther into the workroom and we couldn't get him out. So Jim decided that in the morning he would open the door and hopefully the squirrel would find his own way out.
This morning Jim came up and reported that "Rocky" didn't make it through the night...he was dead on the basement floor this morning.
I am guessing he died of dehydration and I am at least reasoning that now we at least know he is for sure gone. What they don't tell you when you by that existing house with an established yard is that it also means wildlife....


Ann in NJ said...

Well, at least you know, and he was confined to the workroom. We had a squirrel down our chimney once, long ago, but fortunately had glass doors on the fireplace. After a couple of calls, we determined that it would be several hundred dollars to have it professionally removed. Also fortunately, the fireplace was next to the door to the garage, so we opened the garage doors, and set up a barricade with folding tables to channel him into the garage. John was armed with a broom, but the squirrel shot out the fireplace and through the garage so fast it was unbelievable.

Jennifer said...

I love your into to your post. "the answer in church is always God, but this time it sounds like a squirrel" lol that is good!!

I'm sorry that Rocky died, but you are right at least you know he is gone now. Leaving the door open could have just made it easier for Rocky to invite some more of his fur friends over. That would not have been good. :P
I'm glad you are squirrel free.
have a good weekend.
xoxoxo jenn