Friday, February 29, 2008

Laughing baby

Several weeks ago Jim was sent a link to this video of a laughing baby. Doug happened to watch it with him.

I didn't realize that Doug remembered the video until today. It took me a minute to figure out why he kept trying to give Jo little pieces of ripped paper.

Here is the link for the video on Youtube.

However, with Jo it didn't work....she just wanted to eat the paper.


Jennifer said...

love this video. just makes you smile from ear to ear. ;) i love babies laughing. or any child laughing really.
my girls we used to call them babie goats (kids) when they were littler they would eat magazines if given the chance. one minute they were happily looking at the pages, and wrinkeling them up and tearing pages out and then it would be in their mouth. and boy oh boy would they have a fit when you tried to take it out of their mouth. lol
thanks for sharing this...

Shez said...

That's too funny. I am always astounded at what the kids remember. Poor Jo. She was probably puzzled at why her brother was giving her paper. thanks for the train info.

The Goodbye said...

Hysterical! totally stole this for my blog!

JLC said...

woops, I didn't log out of my other account... its Jenn from the twins list. Great blog!