Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let's Go!

Who needs toys when you have a cardboard box?
It was supposed to be a car and the wheels actually turned and everything...but we never actually got around to attaching all four wheels and after a couple of hours the box was pretty limp and bruised.


Ann in NJ said...

Even when they're limp and bruised, my kids (ok, Wililam) still want to keep every box that comes in the house. Almost regardless of whether he can fit in it or not. Why do I buy him toys?

puffbird said...

A box is the best toy I could give my boys. :) They like boxes better than their regular toys.

Jennifer said...

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE cardboard boxes!! For real!! they will play, with on and in one for hours and days and if it would last that long weeks!! :) My son once had a box from a new tv we got, and we made windows and door and he pasted paper on it and it was awesome, he played with that box for almost a month!! :) it was the BEST toy!!
love the pics!! What a group of cuties!! Jo is really starting to get in on the action!! :)
Hugs, jenn