Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finishing up

I would like to report that I actually finished something.
You might not be aware how on-going some of these house projects are, but I did actually finish something. I wish I could say that we are unpacked and blah blah blah....but we are not even close to unpacked. Somehow daily living, taking care of sick children, and coursework has taken priority.
So I am happy to report that here is my list of things I have actually finished recently....
1) I finally got all of the cupboard handles on the doors and drawers in the bathroom (the kitchen is another story but I have made progress).
2) I FINALLY moved the furniture around in the den. I had been attempting to do it for quite some time. Every time I would get things picked up enough to move the furniture around either a child would need something, it was time to leave or go to bed, or something else would happen. So I finally did it (woohoo...we are no longer craning our necks side-ways to watch TV). I still have a bunch of stuff to unpack in there, but the bones of the room are in place.
3) I got Jo's clothes switched over to the next size. Weight-wise she could probably still wear the old clothes (she is somewhere in the middle of 25-50% weight) but her torso is long (length-wise she is in the 50-75%). So I got out her new clothes.
4) I also got the boys shirt drawer cleaned out a little. For some reason they have twice as many shirts as pairs of pants and we have everything from one lingering 24 month size shirt (Andy doesn't want to give up Bob the Builder), to 2T, 3T, and even a few 4T shirts. Doug has a big head (think Charlie Brown....) so putting a shirt with a small neck hole on him is not a happy process. So the criteria for cleaning out was whether the shirt was too small, and whether the neck hole was small. I have yet to address the sock issue though...one step at a time.
5) We made cookies on Friday! I have had some baking items left on the counter for a few weeks now and I cleaned them up by actually making the cookies I had intended to make.
I am also happy because I have discovered GoogleApps. Not only can I now type a document and have it "be" on whatever computer I happen to be on as long as it is connected to the Internet, but if you use iGoogle as your homepage you can put a To DO list on there. I LOVE To Do lists. Perhaps it will help me stay organized....we'll see.

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