Friday, February 29, 2008

Growing Andy

I gave the kids a bath tonight. Last night when we had a bath it was a little boring because the few tub toys we had out have wondered to other places besides the bathroom...somehow one water whistle, one small squirty toy, and a cup just don't cut it with three children.

So I made a point of going to the workroom and finding the tub toys in the boxes. We have a lot of squirty toys but we also have lots of foam things that stick to the wall when wet. Some of them are from the movie Cars, but most of the foam things are letters and numbers.

We had a mini science experiment in that the boys figured out that the plastic squirt toys DO NOT stick to the wall.

During part of the time the kids were playing I put up Doug's name and then Andy's name on the wall using the foam letters. Once I had Andy's name up he said "I grow Andy, I grow Andy."

He then proceeded to keep adding letters and numbers to the end of his name. For the rest of the bath time Doug and Andy were on a mission to put up all of the letters and numbers.

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