Monday, November 19, 2007

Soccer Mom!

So we have a new(ish) car now (or at least new to me). It is a 1997 Honda Odyssey. It is sort of a "soccer mom" car because in someways it is a cross between a minivan and a station wagon...4 doors that open out rather than a sliding door and yet not the space the back of a station wagon might have. There is little wear and tear on the inside because apparently this car was the "courtesy" vehicle for a dealership. I am still figuring out all of the bells and whistles and the boys are getting used to the new configuration (no...mommy cannot pick up the toy you dropped while she was driving because she is not elastigirl...) We have both boy's car seats in the back, Jo in the middle, and we plan to have an adult in one of the bucket seats in the middle when we go places if we have two adults.

I feel like I am still figuring out where all the fenders are. I parked at the pediatricians today and then we couldn't get in one side after we came back to the car because I was sort of close to the line and a person who wasn't there when we got there had parked next to us.
I am now working even harder on getting the boys to actually go back to their car seats (as opposed to playing in the driver's seat by turning on the flashers and adjusting all the mirror, etc.) or not to go over the back seat into the rear part of the car. So far the only catch about the arrangements of the car seats has been that 1) Jo needs to be moved to the other side because somehow having Jim and I on the same side doesn't seem like a good way to keep the car balanced, and 2) Andy keeps playing with the cover that is over the jack. I have told Andy that that cover is for "emergencies only." His response was that the first time out we were driving along and after being in the car for about 5 minutes he started shouting "mergency, mergency" and proceeded to uncover the jack.


Ann in NJ said...

I didn't realize that era of Odessy had swing-out doors. It does make parking more interesting - the Suburban also has uber-wide doors. But you have a better turning radius, and can probably crawl in the "wrong" side if you need to because the minivan has a little more space to manuever inside.

I always put the baby on the driver's side so I didn't have to walk around the car quite so many times. Sounds like it has the captains chairs - I used to leave one folded down so I could see Rachel and JC in the back more easily.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the new vanawagon! LOL ;) Looks great!
I love little boy logic and thinking. Mergency, Mergency... must have meant then that it was okay to uncover the jack. LOL I could really see my little guy do that too. Even now that he is four I could still see him doing this. ;)


Peter L. said...

Maybe Andy thought he saw a Cyclops? In my mind that would definately be a Mergency. Not sure how a jack would help with that, but I'm sure Andy could figure it out.

Next time just remind him it's a Honda Odessey, not a Homer Odessey.