Sunday, November 4, 2007

Week in Review

So here is our status on things...
Jim is recovering but still gets tired easily. His doctor's appointment recheck said that he was "recovering as expected."
I am tired and behind on my homework but that is normal.
Doug and Andy are doing fine. They lobby for Halloween candy everyday starting from the time that they get up. We have our normal dispute over toys and we both like to make up songs.
Jo is not only rolling over but is getting up on hands and knees and manages to stay up longer. She has two teeth coming in and it appears that there are more on the way shortly and she is miserable at the moment because last night she evidenced her first full fledged cold.
We are still surviving with one car because we went to try to go pick up the truck yesterday and apparently the brake module was wrong and won't get here until Tuesday. I wonder if I can start charging them a per diam.

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Ann in NJ said...

Glad to hear things are sort of settling down. Not surprised the twins figured out candy - it's good stuff! I always found (but maybe it's just my kids) that if I didn't make candy a HUGE treat and just treated it mostly as a slightly special food, they don't gorge themselves on it.An occasional mini-binge, but we end up with Halloween candy hanging around for the year - and I probably eat more of it than they do.