Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Being a parent

This morning I was thinking about how you end up doing and saying things as a parent that it never occurred to you you might do. This morning I was freshly out of the shower when Jo started crying and I went to pick her up. Her nose was running and sure enough she rubbed her runny nose all over my chest.
Maybe it is just that all of my children are so young still that there are things that if I really stopped to think about them would make me just go "ewwww."

I have picked buggers and been forced to eat things that had previously been in someone else's mouth when the boys INSIST on sharing. I have said things that I never dreamed would come out of my "get down off the table" or "stop poking that giraffe in your sister's face."

There are also the things that are really hard to do to/with your children because you don't want them to hurt but you know they will be better for it: like holding your child down while they draw blood to determine if there is an infection, or holding them while they get a shot, or trying to get everything clean while you are changing a diaper and the child has diaper rash that you know stings.

Being a parent is one roller coaster ride.

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Ann in NJ said...

Often it's best not to think too hard about it, and I've always found that my own kids gross me out (somewhat) less than someone elses.

My favorite phrase - "Don't lick the floor!"