Friday, January 11, 2008

I had to look twice

We are veeerrryyy slowly unpacking. I moved a few bookcases into the appropriate places a brought up some of the books for the kids.
Later Jim was putting the boys to bed. We usually all read the story together but I was finishing up feeding Jo while he was getting the boys to bed. I was expecting that Jim and the boys probably choose a book from the box because they were books that hadn't been seen for at least 7 months, but was not prepared to come in on the middle of Jim "reading" a piano book to the boys. Doug & Andy had chosen a "book" that was actually piano music...and not only piano music but the words were in another language.


Peter L. said...

Was it in German by chance?

Jennifer said...

that is pretty cute!:)
i'm glad that things seem to be going well with the new house. sorry I haven't been around to comment lately... i have had computer issues, and also some internet issues as well. you should post some pics of your new palace when you get some time... i know that is pretty funny right?? time... a mom of three, wife, student, daughter, sister, friend and moving into a NEW house!! :)
take care...
Hugs, Jenn