Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

2007 was pretty good to me. A lot happened (not all of which was good but most everything turned out well in the end).
I don't remember a lot from the first 4 months (mostly I remember being pregnant and stressed from taking classes). The last 8 have been pretty incredible with all of the changes. My family has been altered in many ways...from the addition of Jo to the move, and all with me making progress in my coursework.
I have been blessed by an incredible amount (and variety) of generosity toward me and my family. We have been helped and blessed in numerous ways (I am still floored that people would show up and help move stranger's junk...I am still sorting out the names of those who helped...woohoo...go church family!).
When I was a teenager I read the Emily of New Moon books by L.M. Montgomery (same author as the Anne of Avonlea books but Emily is much more sensible than Anne). Anyway, in one of the books she writes herself a letter on the new year so that she can open it in ten years (or something like that). I started doing that and managed to do it every year for ten years (though once I think I wrote the letter as late as April). It was really cool because when I got to open them up I had ten letters where I could see what my hopes and dreams were, what was on my mind for that year, and what I thought I might be doing.
It was so cool I decided to do it for a second ten years. It is not yet time for me to open up my letters (plus I need to check and see if I even ever got around to writing one last year) but I think I will write one for this year. It certainly was (and promises to be) momentous.

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Andrea said...

Emily of New Moon -- those were my favorite books! My copies are about ready to fall apart. Maybe it's time to read them again. I'm so excited that Molly is getting older -- I hope that she'll love to read as much as I did, because I have so many great books that I still love, when she's ready for "chapter books". :)