Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's a good thing they're cute....

The boys were getting ready for bed. I was doing something with Jo and Jim was working with Andy who actually decided to sit on the toilet (unfortunately I think the only thing that got in the toilet was the pee guard for the potty seat). I realized that I hadn't seen Doug for a little bit and that things were awfully quiet. With my mommy senses tingling I went searching for the child. I called his name a couple times but didn't get an answer so this heightened my suspicions even more.

I walked into the kitchen only to find Doug standing in his pajamas in the middle of a very large puddle of water.....

Earlier in the day the kids had put two of those little figures (a pirate and a treasure chest) that you soak and they grow to 600% the original size into a very large clear plastic tub (like the kind of container you would put 10 lbs of flour in). Doug had wanted to see or touch the figures and had apparently tried to get at them himself. He didn't spill quite all of the water...there was still about a half an inch in the bottom of the container. I definitely know where the low spots are in the floor now as it took three large bath towels to clean it up and the water had "ripples" and "waves" as I pushed it all together. He, of course, was wearing footed pjs and they were dripping wet.
I suppose the bright side of all this is that now at least half of the kitchen floor is clean.

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Ann in NJ said...

Ummmm... sorry? Those were my stocking gifts to them.

But the floor is half clean! Yeah, yeah, that's it!