Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kids Room Pictures!

These pictures are of the kids' bedrooms and bathroom. If you go in through the boys bedroom they have a door that goes into a small (tub width) bathroom. This bathroom is a "jack-and-jill" bathroom with a door into Jo's room. The bathroom has cheerful yellow tile and the funny thing is that despite the fact that it is a relatively small room it has two light switches and yet no outlet. Jo's room has the door from the bathroom and then also a door into the hallway. I am hoping that when we get around to getting things on the wall and window treatments that it will add some more color to their rooms.


Ann in NJ said...

It probably has no outlet because the outlet used to be in the light fixture. We had several of those in this house.

Susan Z said...

I looked this morning and sure enough there is an outlet at the base of the light! Funny that even the handyman missed that.