Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Jo has started clapping. I guess Jim must have had some time he was playing with her and they were practicing clapping. She seems so happy when she does it and she definitely knows what it means because a couple days ago she escaped out of her room while I was trying to dress her. When she made it to the hallway she sat-up and clapped before she moved on.

Andy has started using his hands to "demonstrate" how things look. Yesterday we were driving in the car and he said "Donald's arches look like this" and he put the backs of his hands together so that his arms made arches. Then he was telling me that he was going to build "his house" and it would have a big bedroom and a big bathroom with a tub you could swim in. I asked him if anything was going to be little and he said the kitchen would be. He said that it would have lots of drawers and the cabinets would look like this ...and then he put one fist in the other hand to look like a hinge.

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