Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Quiet Day

Hopefully the boys are finally down for a nap.
Doug is having a contrary day. Everything...no matter what (even popcorn for lunch) is "no, no, no." Hopefully a nap will help that. Andy is opposite and wants to do (or eat) a little of everything. Andy even ate french onion dip with lunch (some on a chip...some just with his fingers). I finally coaxed Doug to eat something using Cheetos and then peanut butter & pretzels (thanks for the idea Ann).
We had a quiet New Years. I got to play just a little bit of Everquest and pretty much everyone was in bed well before midnight.
Tomorrow Jim will take the car to see about the thermostat getting fixed. I am very glad to be able to take it to someone we trust rather then having to try to find someone in our new town (especially after dealing with the first people I tried in our new town....I will definitely not go back to them). We gave ourselves a Christmas present of installing a hitch on the back so we have a basket for extra space on long trips, and a new stereo with satellite radio. So basically once we get the thermostat issue back to right...the car will be perfect again. It was great. On the way back from my sister's, Jo would wake-up, look at me, smile, and fall back asleep because I ride in the seat next to her.

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